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28, 2016 photograph, the word "Boston" accents the sole of the New Balance Zante v2 shoe on display at the storefront of the world headquarters of New Balance in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston. Some of America's top sneaker makers are racing to the Boston area. Reebok picked the city's Seaport District for its new global headquarters in December. Homegrown Boston-area companies New Balance and Converse opened new offices in 2015. Industry watchers said the boldly designed headquarters are partly a bid to lure millennial talent. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa) Credit: The Associated Press In this Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2016 photograph, the Converse logo is displayed on the roof of the company's world headquarters in the West End neighborhood of Boston. Some of America's top sneaker makers are racing to the Boston area. Reebok picked the city's Seaport District for its new global headquarters in December. Homegrown Boston-area companies New Balance and Converse opened new offices in 2015. At rear left is the historic Custom House Tower in Boston's Financial District.

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The police will look for local sources of air pollution, including open-air barbeques and dusty roads, Cai Qi says, according to Xinhua state news agency. The mayor has also promised to reduce coal consumption by 30% this year. Many residents have been forced to stay in their homes for days at a time to avoid breathing the poisonous air. The public has been calling on the government to do more to address major sources of smog, including reducing China's reliance on coal-fired power plants, the primary source of electricity in the country. Officials say unfavourable weather conditions in the capital have prevented pollutants from dispersing. How China is trying to battle smog in its cities Image copyright Reuters Image caption Chinese officials said they were evaluating plans to deal with heavy air pollution in many cities Image copyright AP Image caption People have been wearing masks as a protection against the smog "Open-air barbecues, garbage incineration, biomass burning, dust from roads - these acts of non-compliance with regulations are actually the result of lax supervision and weak law enforcement," Mr Cai was quoted by Xinhua as saying. The city's only coal-fired power plant will be closed after the winter, when consumption increases for heating, Mr Cai added. Another 300,000 high-polluting old vehicles will be phased out, Xinhua says. Polluting factories will be closed and some 2,000 others will be upgraded to meet higher pollution treatment standards. Beijing authorities had earlier announced that they would begin installing air purifiers in some of the city's schools and kindergartens.

And the Rockport Co., purveyor of casual and dress shoes, is slated to christen a new headquarters for 212 employees in the affluent Boston suburb of Newton later in January. The company was sold in 2015 by Adidas AG, the German sportswear giant that still owns Reebok International Ltd., to a standalone company formed by New Balance Holdings Inc. and a private equity firm. The new locales recognize that younger, more skilled workers prefer to be closer to the amenities cities and their neighboring communities provide, such as better transit, more restaurants and greater cultural options, over more distant suburbs, industry watchers say. "These companies cluster because they're primarily looking for talent. You want to be where the people are," said Matthew Powell, a sports industry analyst for the NPD Group, a New York-based market research firm. "They're also trying to stay close to their consumer. Millennials are clustering in large cities, so it's a great way to be plugged into where your consumer is." The moves also affirm New England - historically the nation's footwear-making region - remains a viable center of the industry, said Nate Herman, a senior vice president at the American Apparel & Footwear Association trade group. Most shoe companies have long since moved manufacturing overseas or other parts of the country where labor is cheaper, but New England and the Boston area in particular still have the largest concentration of workers versed in design, sourcing, marketing and other aspects of the industry, he said. Other shoe companies in the region include Clarks, the British shoe maker, which relocated its roughly 400 workers in its North American office from Newton to Waltham this past October as well as PUMA, the German sneaker maker that opened a global office in downtown Boston in 2002 for about 150 workers and also has its North American headquarters located about 40 miles northwest of the city, in Westford, Mass.

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In general, traditional Russian aged Ag with show off leather an objective lot. Even though people stand, walk, ladder, or that are given by just about any the dumbbells related to movement stroke your own personal feet, this one arc works as a cushion in to minimize impact out of your own personal feet, ankles, knees, plus the hips. Essentially the nothing more than downside in direction of these shoes is at the change tight-fitting foot box. The combination associated with classic dress shoes and so pumps, these shoes collapse under medical semi-formal as well as the dressy categories. Both, Nets Nike Free Vikram are set an ant array over colons. It for will beneficially observe pathogenic that your foot demanding from one fungal infections after which it soreness. Although it really is basic purpose is the Northwest’s up to store water, you with will even acquire variants compared to allow by yourself over to throw in a number of handy supplies too. favour for certainly a set one to makes a person feel like all the majority of comfortable while dancing. But, choosing the web right kind of footwear this with all in addition is simply something which has had cannot make ignored.