The MPs want measures to tackle problems that make people leave teaching - such as an "unmanageable workload" or a lack of professional development. "The government needs to do more to encourage teachers to stay in the profession by raising the status of teachers, improving the opportunities for good quality training, and by doing all it can to help reduce teacher workload," said Neil Carmichael, who chairs the committee. He said the government could consider "holding fire" on policy changes that added to the pressure on schools. And he suggested schools needed time to support staff development without constantly being "distracted by the demands of the latest Whitehall directive". Malcolm Trobe, leader of the ASCL head teachers' union said: "The crisis in teacher supply has a direct impact on the education that schools are able to provide to their pupils. "It means that important subjects like maths and science have to be covered by teachers who are not specialists in these subjects and that schools have to increasingly rely on supply staff." Dame Alison Peacock, chief executive of the Chartered College of Teaching said: "As well as bringing new talent into our profession, we must stretch every sinew to hang on to that talent and develop it further." Ministers have argued that they have kept teaching as an attractive profession in a competitive jobs market. There have been a series of high-profile advertising campaigns for teaching and there are financial incentives focused on attracting recruits into shortage subjects. Labour's shadow education secretary, Angela Rayner, said the government was "failing to deliver on its most basic of tasks". "Recruitment targets are being missed, school budgets are being cut for the first time in decades and we have thousands more unqualified teachers teaching in our schools." Liberal Democrat education spokesman John Pugh said the lack of pay rises for teachers had added to a sense that they were "undervalued".

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"The fare difference isn't worth paying a checked-bag fee and sitting in the middle seat," said George Hobica, founder of "Airlines are doing this to appear at the same price point in airfare searches on third-party sites, such as Orbitz or Travelocity. "But is it a good value for consumers? No," Hobica said. Travelers who choose basic economy trips will end up in the dreaded middle seat because other passengers will choose their seats, a window or an aisle, he said. "You are definitely going to get the middle seat. They should call these the middle-seat fares." The major carriers Delta, American, and United are introducing the fares on select routes to attract price-conscious consumers who now choose to fly ultra-low-fare competitors such as Spirit, Frontier, and Allegiant airlines. The basic economy prices in Philadelphia are on routes currently flown by Spirit or Frontier, whose business strategy is rock-bottom fares, but they charge extra for everything including a carry-on bag in the overhead bin. The basic-economy tickets will not be available on every flight, and will be priced based on supply and demand, American said. "These routes were chosen because they provide a variety of competitive situations," American said. "Pricing and availability of basic economy will always vary based on supply and demand.

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Closer to home, Delta and Alaska continue to battle it out, which is great for bargain hunters. The price between Anchorage and Seattle has drifted up from $102 each way to $131 each way. That's still a cheap rate. But Delta is having a sale on its first class seats. Starting March 1, Delta is offering first class seats for as little as $205 each way. That's a great bargain. Then on May 25, the rate drops to $168 each way. Between now and April 30, you still can earn Alaska Airlines miles when you fly on Delta. In fact, since you're up in first class, you will receive 100 percent of the miles flown as "eqm." elite qualifying miles, instead of the usual 50 percent.

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