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But there are obvious political considerations at play too. Roughly two thirds of parliamentary constituencies represented by Labour MPs voted to leave the EU. Image copyright PA Image caption UKIP leader Paul Nuttall hopes to gain from Labour's position on Brexit. As the shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said: "You have pop over here to remember how this looks to people in post-industrial Britain, former mining areas, the North, the Midlands, south Wales - it would look as if elites were refusing to listen to carter's ขายส่งยกแพ็ค them". Swathes of Labour's traditional working-class heartlands voted to leave the EU and the leadership believes the party must stand firmly behind their decision. There are imminent electoral tests for Labour too: By-elections in Copeland and Stoke on Trent. 'Capital of Brexit' Stoke voted to leave the EU by 69.4% and UKIP's leader Paul Nuttall is running in the city he is describing as the "capital of Brexit". If the Labour leadership was to look flaky on the question of triggering Brexit, the party could give up on holding Stoke Central now. And as Labour MPs who represent similar seats look ahead to the next general election they will make the same calculation. Image copyright Labour Party Image caption Bristol West MP Thangam Debbonaire is expected to defy her own whip. I've spoken to former Labour ministers who passionately believe that leaving the EU will be bad for Britain, but feel they must respect the referendum result.

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