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Thompson. Another hometown artist, Benjamin Arthur, crafted a computer designed wood wall paneling, located in the main dining room. For more information on the artwork and the artists who made them, guests can explore the online art tour and access the creators bios and online portfolios. The art tour is located at . The building itself consists of an outside covered patio fitted with two large televisions, which is an ideal setting for families to dine in after visiting Toy Park. The art and entertainment extends to the full service bar, where guests will be able to view all the weekly games on six television screens! Mellow Mushrooms menu encompasses a delectable range of choices. Along with the different variations of pizzas, calzones and appetizer munchies, there are sandwiches, a 100% choice, all-natural, black angus beef burger and salads galore. All of which are made by ingredients delivered fresh to the store daily. There is a specialty vegan menu and also a savory gluten free menu featuring a vegan, gluten free crust that is made from ancient grains. Kids will be well entertained with the interactive kids menu that also provides healthy side options.

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