A torn photograph of the UK and EU flags The EU thought that the UK had conceded this point; if that turns out not to be so, it will cause problems. Image caption Theresa May met Ireland's Prime Minister Leo Varadkar in Downing Street in September 2017 It's not just about the border, and the effect on Northern Ireland, critically important though that is. A total of 80% of Irish exports go to or through the UK, which is also critical for Irish energy supplies, and no other country outside the UK has nearly as much at stake in the Brexit debate as the Republic of Ireland. "There is hardly any area of Irish life that won't be affected in one way or another," says Tony Connelly, author of the book Brexit and Ireland. That means Dublin needs a good deal with the UK after Brexit. But it doesn't mean Ireland won't play tough. In the Brexit negotiations it is sticking with the mantra of the unity of the EU27, and exasperation with UK politics is mounting. Anna Wallace, the director of political relations at the professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, told the story of a manufacturing company in Wales that has decided to replace EU migrant workers with machines, rather than with a locally hired workforce. "They knew they were probably going to do that in five years' time," she says. "But good businesses are now thinking about all of those things together." It is a reminder that Brexit is only one part of a much larger economic debate, as another technological revolution looms large. Automation would be changing the working lives of many people come what may (in fact, it already is).


However, the first daughter has continued to wear items from the brand, as well as outfits from other modestly priced brands such as fast-fashion company Zara.  Meanwhile, first lady Melania Trump's outfits tend to be from pricier fashion designers like  Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, and Balmain.  Melania has scaled back somewhat after her clothing choices sparked criticism (you won't spot her in another $51,000 coat ), but the first lady's wardrobe is still notably more expensive than what the first daughter wears during most public appearances.  So, why does it matter? For strategic reasons: both women's clothing represents the constituents they're trying to appeal to.  Ivanka Trump wears a Staud top at a town hall meeting on tax reform. AP Photo/Rich Schultz Ivanka has long served as President Trump's surrogate to appeal to more progressive voters.  On Monday, Ivanka spoke at a town hall on tax reform in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, to promote the plan — backed by the GOP and the president — as an "overdue" measure that would assist families. She argued that the tax reform plan would simplify taxes for the middle class and help allow for the expansion of child tax credits, one of her focuses since President Trump's election.  "Every parent has to manage the competing demands of raising a family and their passions, whether it be professional or otherwise, and I, too, had to manage that, but I'm far more fortunate than most and I had help," Ivanka said, according to CNBC.  In keeping with her self-representation as a supporter of women and the middle class, the first daughter wore an outfit that was stylish but somewhat reasonably priced. Her top, by the  American designer Staud,  is priced at $195. Her skirt is even more reasonable — $49.99 from Zara.  The entire event is a pretty effective summary of Ivanka's strategy when it comes to both politics and fashion.  As a founder of a mid-priced fashion line herself, she knows how to balance being both aspirational and relatable. In many ways, the first daughter follows in Michelle Obama's fashion footsteps, though she favors trends to a greater degree, wearing more clothing from fast-fashion icon Zara than the more traditional J.Crew beloved by Obama.  Melania Trump dons a statement coat. Joe Raedle/Getty Images Meanwhile, Melania Trump isn't working too hard to try and appear relatable. She and President Trump have long embodied a more gold-plated, luxe version of the American dream than the Obamas or even Ivanka.  Trump's supporters don't want the first lady to wear clothes from Target; they want her to be more stylish and glamorous than the average American.

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