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In Suffolk's most recent poll, 74% of people with conservative views, 73% of people with very conservative views and 84% of people who trust Fox the most say they have an unfavorable opinion of Clinton. Overall, 61% of respondents have an unfavorable view of Trump, while 31% said their view of him is favorable. Among Fox's partisans, the numbers are flipped, with 68% reporting a favorable view of the candidate and 23% reporting an unfavorable view. Keep that number in mind: 23% unfavorable. Among people who say they trust CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, or PBS the most, Trump's unfavorable number ranged between 69% and 88%. (The second-lowest unfavorable rating for Trump, at 65%, came from people who said they trust Comedy Central the most.) When asked "if the general election was held today... for whom will you vote or lean toward," 83% of Fox loyalists said Trump and 11% said Clinton. On the flip side, 77% of CNN loyalists and 94% of MSNBC loyalists said Clinton. People who trusted Fox the most were also far more likely than people who trusted CNN, MSNBC or other channels to say that recent revelations from hacked emails released by Wikileaks raise conflicts of interest for Clinton if she is elected president.

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Tanden asked Podesta whether Obama could "even hint of support of Hillary before Tuesday?" Obama stayed officially neutral in the primaries until Clinton clinched the nomination in June. Tanden wrote: "Maybe they don't want to do this, but the stakes are pretty damn high in this election for him." The email exchange was contained in more than 1,500 emails released Wednesday by the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks. The notes were stolen from the email account of Podesta as part of a series of high-profile computer hacks of Democratic targets that U.S. intelligence officials say were orchestrated by Russia, with the intent to influence the Nov. 8 election. Russia has denied the allegations. In a separate June 2015 email, the Clinton campaign worried that some state affiliates of the nation's largest labor union, the National Education Association, were set to endorse Sanders even though the national union had not yet made an endorsement. On June 22, 2015, Clinton's labor outreach director Nikki Budzinski emailed other campaign officials to let them know "NEA is concerned their VT affiliate could do a Tuesday (next week) recommendation of endorsement (with potential press release). This is not confirmed.

That's the way I can watch iv on my pc for free and so can you. That is where I how I have felt the many times I have been out travelling for work around the world. Common USA TV channels in on-line Television However there are those F.T.A Free-To-Air news channels like FOX, CNN, CBS; ESPN-USA sports, Euro Sports and others that can be watched from the computer. Let's help him celebrate his birthday this year. Most of these websites will only need you to register your names and email with them and then log in to be able to watch free TV. The Godfather seems to be the film leading the list of all time favourite films. If someone missed that game, my apologies. Let's help him celebrate by reflecting on these 15 hilarious David Letterman quotes. 1.

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