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Photos of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway kneeling on an Oval Office couch with her shoes on have sparked an online debate about decorum in the executive mansion. Conway is seen perched on her knees on the couch with her feet behind her in photos taken Monday while President Donald Trump met with leaders of historically black colleges and universities.Other photos show Conway leaning over to take a smartphone picture of the event. Read the Text of President Donald Trump's Speech to Congress Some Twitter users were quick to highlight the photos as evidence of a lack of respect for the office from Conway and the Trump administration. Other users have countered with numerous photos of former President Barack Obama resting his feet on the office's famed Resolute desk at various times during his eight years in office. Conway has yet to weigh in on the criticism. Trump Would 'Rip' Away Care: Democrats Respond to Address Washington Post political commentatorChris Cillizza summed up the controversy as "incredibly dumb." *gasp* Oh no! Kellyanne Conway had her knees on the couch at the Oval Office! This is far worse than the millions starving in Africa! Shaun King (@ShaunKing) February 28, 2017 Trump: 'Kellyanne text Fredrick Douglass, I don't think he's here yet' Barnor Hesse (@barnor_hesse) February 28, 2017 My advice to the white folk who see nothing wrong with Kellyanne's pic: get some black friends. Good night. Terrell J. Starr (@Russian_Starr) February 28, 2017 I don't care how Kellyanne Conway sits on a sofa in the Oval office and can't imagine why it would bother people. Jonathan Chait (@jonathanchait) February 28, 2017 Reminder The W.H.

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Some Republicans have said the increase in defense spending is not enough to meet the military's needs. His executive order temporarily banning people from seven Muslim-majority nations on national security grounds stirred protests and was put on hold by federal courts. He is to sign a replacement order on Wednesday. DEMOCRATIC DISPLEASURE Tim Albrecht, a Republican strategist in Iowa, said the speech was Trump's best opportunity to date to explain where he wants to take the country. Albrecht doubted there would be much in the way of conciliatory language. "Despite those at home or in the audience, hes going to put forward what he believes needs to be done just as he did in the two years he ran for president," he said. "As with everything in Trump land, conventional wisdom is thrown out the window." Trump's speech is not being labeled a State of the Union address because he has had so little time in office so far. Democratic lawmakers plan to attend the speech and give their reactions to reporters afterward, as is the custom during similar events, according to congressional aides. But at least one Democrat Representative Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, has said he will protest Trumps speech by refusing to applaud or give him a standing ovation, as also is a custom at presidential speeches. Democrats aim to show their displeasure with Trump policies by inviting an array of guests who will be sitting in House visitors galleries to highlight their opposition to Trumps agenda.

"Without a dramatic surge in immigration or the number of women joining the labor force-it will be virtually impossible for any president to add 25 million jobs in the next eight years." Bahn hypothesizes that women's LFPR may have stopped growing over the last 15 years because, in the absence of national policies on childcare and family leave, women have reached the outer limits of their ability to multi-task. "I think we've hit that threshold," says Bahn, "that barrier where we can't go any further without workplace benefits, without encouraging men to take a greater role and without addressing women's real needs in the economy." In other words, we are losing workers, money, and growth by failing to invest in family-friendly policies for workers. The Trump administration is also threatening to restrict access to family planning by overturning the Affordable Care Act and preventing women from using their Medicaid to visit Planned Parenthood. Additionally, President Trump, Vice President Pence, and his advisors support overturning Roe v. Wade and making abortion illegal. If any of these policies lead to more unplanned pregnancy, single motherhood, and teen motherhood, the result would be lower rates of education and workforce entry by young women. "Is that harmful to the economy?" says Lakshman? "Absolutely!" Bahn says that if Trump's policies even lead to women feeling more uncertain about their ability to control their fertility, it can have a dampening effect on the economy. "Anything that creates a climate of uncertainty can harm the economy," she says.

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