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 It gained $4.02 a share to close at $22.53 and is well above its $15 IPO price. The company reported Wednesday its 12th consecutive increase in total sales of at least 20 percent. It also reported its 13th consecutive increase in same-store sales and met its profit forecast. Plano-based decor superstore At Home sets terms for IPO  It's  still at the beginning of a growth path that only newer retail chains are experiencing in today's over-stored market. At Home has 132 stores in 31 states and plans to get to 600.  But it has one big problem: no name recognition with shoppers. The company moved to Plano from Houston in 2014 and changed its name from Garden Ridge to At Home. It also ditched the big orange exterior skin for a more updated gray and blue facade. Plano-based At Home is recycling old spaces into new stores "Brand awareness is very low, so we're investing in advertising," At Home CEO Lee Bird told analysts on a conference call to review results this morning. "Our competitors in existing markets have two to three times the brand awareness that we have," he said. So when the company opens a store, mostly in smaller markets and suburbs, it has to find its audience. So far, that's happening, Bird said.

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