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Trump and Bush were having a conversation aboard a bus as the cameras rolled outside, capturing their arrival at the NBC sound stages where Days of Our Lives is filmed. Trump was to record a cameo. As the bus rolled along, Trump and Bushs conversation can be heard, with the audio so clear that they were obviously speaking while wearing mics or with mics nearby. Trump, however, called the bus a private dressing room. TheA question is whether Trump gave his consent to the recording even by implication, given that he was wearing one. California state law makes it illegal to record a conversation without consent. But the law makes an exception to circumstances in which the parties to the communication may reasonably expect that the communication may be overheard or recorded. Trump told OReilly that youre going to see after the election if he takes legal action. He said that the remarks shouldnt have been said, but that they were locker room talk. In his conversation, Trump boasted of how he approaches women. You know, Im automatically attracted to beautiful I just start kissing them. Its like a magnet. Just kiss. I dont even wait.

Jeremy Schiffres Daily Freeman By William J. Kemble, news@freemanonline.com Posted: # Comments New York City has no current plan to issue any level of drought alert despite the aggregate water levels in its upstate reservoirs being down to about 63 percent of capacity. Our first stage of drought advisory is known as drought watch, and we are quite far off from that stage, Adam Bosch, a spokesman for the city Department of Environmental Protection said in an email. Our scientists have been closely monitoring short-term and long-term weather forecasts, runoff forecasts, real-time data from the watershed, and other streams of information that come into DEP, Bosch said. Were seeing some little batches of precipitation coming into the area in the short-term. Some of the longer-term forecasts are showing a return to more normal precipitation patterns for autumn and winter, and that is driving a prediction of higher runoff. The citys six upstate reservoirs were at a combined 62.9 percent of their capacity in the most recent reading, compared to a มติชน 26 กรกฎาคม 2559 typical 75.5 percent at this time of year. The Schoharie Reservoir is down to 9 percent (compared to a typical October reading of 74.1 percent), but Bosch said theres no cause for alarm. Schoharie is our smallest reservoir, so it empties out the quickest during dry times, he said. However, it also has one of the largest watersheds, so it fills up ข่าวด่วน เดลินิวส์ pantip much quicker than the others. The citys Cannonsville Reservoir is at 31.9 percent (compared to the average 64.1 percent in October); the Pepacton Reservoir is at 63.2 percent (compared to a typical 71.5 percent); the Neversink Reservoir is at 67.8 percent (compare to a typical 67.4 percent); and the Rondout Reservoir is at 92.6 compared (higher than its October average of 91.1 percent).

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