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Trump told Reuters last week in an interview that his address would be a speech of optimism "despite the fact that I inherited a total mess." The president faces a host of questions going into the speech. Specifics of his plan to overhaul former President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law have not been released. He has yet to describe how to pay for a sharp increase in planned spending on rebuilding U.S. roads and bridges. His proposals to cut taxes for millions of people and corporations have not been sketched out. His strategy for renegotiating international trade deals remains unclear. He took delivery on Monday of a Pentagon proposal for fighting Islamic State militants and must decide on it in the days ahead. A plan for an increase in defense spending includes a demand that non-defense federal agencies cut funds to offset the cost, painful reductions likely to face opposition in Congress. Some Republicans have said the increase in defense spending is not enough to meet the military's needs.

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